Psychic Phriday- I am Spoonbender

Before we get started, to avoid confusion, this post is NOT about the avant-garde techno-ish group from San Francisco. They are awesome and as Jon Wolf says: “tasty”. I have no beef with them, and command you to check out their website (and free music!) at . That being said, I am unabashedly and unashamedly stealing their name for the title of this post because a) it’s catchy and b) quite frankly, the band is a lot more interesting than this particular paranormal ability. Nothing would make me happier than my gentle readers spending their time checking out new, independent musicians rather than wasting it on this nonsense.

Digression over with, it’s time for the fun. You see, there’s a guy…Well I don’t know if I can say his name, because I’m going to be making some pretty specific claims, and this particular person has been quite litigious in the past. Let’s just say that there’s a guy who may or may not be in the public eye at the moment. He’s pretty much made a career out of spoonbending for “real”. With this guy back in popularity, I think its time to take a look at what’s going on, and show you how you can gain your own amazing powers!

Spoonbending is the art/ability/con of making cutlery, keys, paperclips or other metal objects apparently bend, twist and mutilate by the merely using your mind. There are hundreds of videos online for you to check out, but here’s a couple I came across during my research. I won’t talk much about them specifically, but I think it’s important to see other perspectives:

So, how do they do it? Well, they claim that they have some sort of extra ablility/energy/power/focus that lets them weaken the metal itself. Some say that the metal is heating up and melting, some avidly deny that the metal heats up at all, that it’s the molecules rearranging themselves. Which happens to be the technical definition of heat, but I digress.

Those are exciting explanations, if not very plausible. These people (for the most part) seem very genuine in their belief that something unusual is going on here and we should respect that, right? If they are right, then something amazing is going on, something that could revolutionize everything we know about physics and the natural world.

That’s absolutely true, but sadly, there are other possible explanations. You see, I’m a magician and a bartender. If I’m known for anything, it’s pomegranite martinis and forkbending. Yup, that’s right. I’m one of them. Apparently only using the power of my mind, I can bend forks down to the individual tines! I can also put a twist in the fork without touching it, even while it’s in YOUR hand!!! ooooOOOOooo!!!

The thing is, I don’t claim any paranormal abilities. I use plain ol’ forks I get from plain ol’ Wal-Mart and plain ol’ magic. It’s barely even a trick. My wife knows exactly how I do it and she HATES it because it’s so simple. Now because of the ethical issues involved in magic (exposure is a BIG no-no) I can’t even hint at the methods I and other legit magicians use, but the psychics? As far as I can see, they’re fair game.

Here’s how one particular method that one particular psychic uses to pull off this particular stunt. (for detailed instructions and a great book in general, check out “Penn and Teller’s How to Play With Your Food” ISBN: 0-679-74311-1 ) While seated, begin talking about psychic powers and the supernatural. Ask around to see if anyone has ever had any experiences that they can’t explain. This is a very important step, it gets people talking about themselves and thinking in a spooky direction. This is crucial to get you the misdirection and mindset you need to pull this garbage off for real. As you steer the conversation back to yourself, grab a spoon/fork from the table. Have your chair pulled far away from the table, if possible. Hold up the spoon, make a big deal of staring at it, mention that something strange has been happening lately, something that you’d like to show everyone…

Okay, here’s the “magic” part: Ask if anyone has ever heard of spoonbending or “some guy named Yuri something” As they’re talking/answering, you’re going to nonchalantly push the chair up to the table. Drop your hands to the arms or side of the chair, ostensibly grabbing the chair, and hold the spoon in one hand with your fingers wrapped around the stem and your thumb in the bowl of the spoon. When your hands drop below table level, jam the tip of the spoon into something hard (your leg, the chair, whatever) as you push into the bowl with your thumb. This should put a nice bend in it. Bring your hands back up to the table, covering the bend with your hand, and reveal it when/how you want to. I suggest waiting a bit while you slowly wave your hand around, letting the bend show bit by bit. You may prefer to pause, grunt mightily and throw the “suddenly” bent spoon into the middle of the table. If you’ve done your pre-work and made them think spooky thoughts, they’ll buy it, and you’ve got a new career as a guru.

Now that’s one, admittedly obvious, method to bend spoons. Is it too much of a stretch to think that there are others? This doesn’t prove that since this method is fake, that all spoonbending must therefore be fake, but it should get you thinking. One of the most important things that magic has taught me is this: No matter how smart I think I am, I can be fooled. Things in the real world are complicated, and it’s easy to be deceived and even easier to deceive yourself.

Just because you can’t explain it doesn’t mean it can’t be explained. Period.

Now go out there and wreck some silverware!

(P.S. If I get, let’s say 10 comments, maybe I’ll post a video of my AWESOME FORK POWERS!!!)



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10 responses to “Psychic Phriday- I am Spoonbender

  1. Scott

    I couldn’t see the embedded videos, but that may be because I’m looking at this on my school MacBook. I’ll check back at home. Then, if I add a second comment, does that count toward the ten so we can see some fork-bending goodness?

  2. Steph

    the chick was creepy. i want to see you bend forks.

  3. Nate

    show me… forkbending.

  4. Matthew

    I want to see some bent forks.

  5. stella

    this is steph’s evil twin. i, too, want to see misshapen forkage.

  6. seth

    I had the trick done to me where I hold the fork in my hand and it bends while I’m holding it and he bent each prong while he was holding it. This happened about 3 months ago and it’s been driving me crazy how the guy did it ever since. You gotta tell me how he did it. I know it is probably so easy and something I would never think of but it is amazing when you don’t know.

  7. nik

    oh, darn… i am curious now too….

  8. dezrah

    Well, we’re now up to 8 comments, but I was looking for 10… 😉

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