Another day…another post.

Hi there, anyone actually reading this?

If you are, yay! Thank you for your support. Could you please, please, pretty please, just leave me a comment to let me know I’m not just talking to myself. Or even feedback, that’d be good. sigh. I guess I’m just a little discouraged today. I thought yesterday’s post was one of my better ones, but I only got 10 views. What am I doing wrong? Topics nobody cares about? Bad writing? Not enough promotion? Too impersonal? I wanted to get some information out there and start a discussion about the weirdness out there, but it seems like no one else wants to…

Or maybe y’all have tried to comment and there’s some kind of problem. How would I ever know? I mean, you can’t leave a comment to let me know that you can’t leave a comment.

hmmmm. Maybe I should go back to Xanga. *shudder*

No, no, onward and upward, never backwards. In order to entice more comments, here’s a great magic-themed pic that Steph G. sent me a little while ago.


Now that I think about it…worst case scenario, no one comments or cares about the magic/psychic phriday stuff. It’ll be okay, that’ll free me up to go ahead and turn this into a soft-core porn tgp and make some money. So it’s not a total loss…



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3 responses to “Another day…another post.

  1. steph

    lolcats is cool.

    btw, not only do I read you, but I’m subscribed to you. So I never miss a post. 🙂

  2. Scott

    I’m subscribed too, but don’t always have time to read them when I first get them, let alone respond.
    I always find them fascinating, though.

  3. aimee

    i am subscribed, and save the emails in my inbox until i have time to read them. between the two year old, the middle schoolers, the housework and the other “kid” that lives at my house, i end up reading two or three at a time..and think i will respond “after bedtime” and i usually end up falling asleep as soon as we can finally get hailey in bed!!

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