Psychic Phridays +1 (Thanksgiving Apology)

Hi there everyone! As you can probably imagine, I took this week off for Thanksgiving. We hosted the dinner for the first time this year, so I was too busy stressing over turkeys and fixin’s to get to my usual rant.

It was worth it though…the turkey came out great!!! I used Alton Brown’s recipie from the first episode of Good Eats. It takes a little extra prep time due to the brining process, but since it requires no basting while cooking, it frees you up for other tasks. If you’re hooked on cooking your stuffing inside the bird, then this is NOT the turkey for you. Instead of stuffing (which makes the bird take longer and takes flavor away) you fill the cavity with rosemary, sage, apples and onions.Can you say “flavor”? I knew you could…

If you bought one too many turkey this year, or have an extra one lying around, I strongly suggest the Good Eats Roast Turkey Recipe.  You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

To make up for the missing Psychic Phriday entry, I’ll try and do two in the next week.

Don’t hold yr breath.


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One response to “Psychic Phridays +1 (Thanksgiving Apology)

  1. steph

    I lurve me some Alton Brown. 🙂 He never disappoints.

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