My Apology to the Psychic Community.

This is probably the second hardest post I’ve ever had to write.

For years, I’ve railed against the people I considered psychic frauds. No matter what my theology was at the time, I knew…I KNEW that there were cheats and hoaxers that had nothing better to do than create lies about their supposed “powers” and abilities. I was convinced that any claims of the paranormal were the result of misguided fools or outright con artists.

No more. While researching fork and spoon-bending for my long-awaited fork-bending video, I discovered something. In a previous post, I had laughed at the spoonbenders on YouTube, claiming that their “abilities” were the result of applied leverage coupled with self-delusion. I sat there, smug in the knowledge that I’d busted their claims without even trying it out for myself.

but that never sat right with me, so yesterday, I tried it their way. I put aside my skepticism and magic knowledge, and let the forces of the universe move through me.

Words are failing me. All I can do is offer the most solemn and humble apology to those that I have mocked, and show you the results of my legitimate attempts:

I hope you all enjoyed watching this as much as I enjoyed making it. Stay tuned for more examinations of the paranormal as I take this blog in a new direction.



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2 responses to “My Apology to the Psychic Community.

  1. Entertaining, but your tone isn’t sincere enough. You didn’t believe what you were saying and its apparent early in the video. Also your bending style was too exaggerated, you wouldn’t fool anyone.

    Good work, but your no magician. 😛

  2. mike baker

    that was great. thankyou. i needed a laugh.

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