Think I should do it?

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2 responses to “Think I should do it?

  1. skep

    Will result in people saying no or telling you to get ******; lots of humiliation for those on both sides of the camera – for no real reward. No win situation.
    Use the time instead to study up on cold reading and write a blog post to tell people about the facts. Badly thought out idea, you’re worth more (and so is your hapless victim) than a circus-performance for other people’s amusement.

  2. You’re not wrong. That’s always the problem with these demos, isn’t it? The people with the knowledge of fraud and the ethics to educate the public are bound by those same ethics to treat people with respect. So in effect, the bad guys get the strongest tools to spread their message, and the good guys have to skulk about on the sidelines and say “liar, liar pants on fire!”

    Oh, well. It has been awhile since I’ve laid some knowledge down on the blog. I guess it’s time for me to do some skulking. 😉

    Anyone else want to chime in?

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