The Discourse:

Due to the fact that Boanerges316 is reluctant to post directly to my WordPress page, (a request for privacy that I find entirely reasonable)  We’ve agreed to the following: He/she will respond to me directly and I will copy/paste his/her responses, unedited, to my blog until either one of us loses interest. 😉

So, here’s the original comment:

We have only TWO real choices: 1) Believe in something that is (granted) hard to believe- a Creator who is unseen, or 2) Believe in the IMPOSSIBLE- that life, the universe and its complexity came from nothing all on its own. Given those two choices, the intelligent, rational person MUST opt for the thing that is “hard to believe”.

Atheism explains nothing. Christianity explains everything. What is the LOGICAL choice between those two?

The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.

…and my response:

The entire premise of the first argument is a classic logical fallacy: The false dichotomy. It’s very tempting to oversimplify a topic into two options: 1) the side you support and 2) it’s apparent opposite, or at the very least, an opinion that’s phrased in a way as to make your side the only obvious solution.

An extreme example would be: “This November, we only have two choices: Vote for McCain or eat babies. You don’t want to be a baby eater, do you?” It does little to address the actual merits and weaknesses of either side.

Also, flat-out declaring another opinion to be impossible is a rather large presumption. I don’t hold that it’s impossible that the Judeo-Christian God created the world in 7 literal days. My stance has been and still is that given the evidence we have, and the arguments I’ve heard, it’s much more reasonable to accept alternative explanations to the standard religious beliefs about the nature of our world.

Similarly, even if the athiests and naturalists are wrong, and there was some sort of divine creation, it does not follow that the Christians are necessarily right. There are many, many different religious beliefs pertaining to the creation of the universe. Christianity is one among many.

Finally, “explaining” something does not make a theory convincing or correct. History (and science) is full of our attempts to explain the world around us. Attempts that were later proven wrong when new evidence or understanding was presented to us.

The “Phlogiston” theory of combustion “explained” fire, but ultimately was proven wrong through further examination of the evidence.

to be continued? leave a comment, let me know what you think…


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