The Discourse (Update and final)

Apparently, I’m being accused of putting words into Boanerges316 ‘s mouth and as he says: “You are not making enough of a case to make me want to hang around and debate it with you” I fear I have offended, and out of respect for his wishes, I will not post his response to me.

I’m disappointed, but it brings me to a greater point:

What do people think will happen when they volunteer to enter a debate? Are they so sure of their opinions that they’ll simply have to show up, say what they believe, and we’ll bow and scrape and apologize for thinking anything other then what they believe? If you have a case for your opinion, state it. Let us hear it, tear down the errors and logical inconsistencies, and see what’s left standing. If it’s something worthwhile, it will be obvious. If there’s nothing of value left, let us be rid of it and move on! That’s the essence of debate. If I disagree with you, that doesn’t mean the debate is over, THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT OF DEBATE!

Sigh. Freedom of speech is not the same as the freedom to not be offended. If my questions and attacks offend, and you can’t bear it, then do not comment on this (or any) public site. I think I am respectful and generally a good guy, but I have little patience for ignorance and pompousity masquerading as knowledge and wisdom. If your beliefs are so weak that they cannot bear even a little prodding, then you have no place in an open debate.

Wait, am I a blogger that just told people not to comment on my site?

Man, I suck at this.



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2 responses to “The Discourse (Update and final)

  1. mike baker

    you know, it seems to me that the Christians that wish to debate have no idea what THEY really believe or more to the point WHY they believe it. You really can’t argue against faith because of what faith is based on. I believe it to be true because i just do. That is such strong logic. Wow, i just amazed myself. The true argument should not be about what one believes, but rather why they believe it. At the start i thought that guy was going to hold his own for awhile, but his argument turned out like every other of it’s kind. I’m right your wrong and you will burn in hell for it.

  2. David

    Fascinating dialog. I’m surprised it lasted so long.

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