The video question.

I know I’ve been hit or miss with the whole blogging thing, I’m just not sure what my “voice” is right now.

As I try and figure that out, here’s a question for y’all. Would you rather me continue with text entries, or would you like to see me on my soapbox in a semi-regular video? I’m having fun with the whole YouTube thing, and I’d love to start creating some video content. The question is, would any of you watch it?



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5 responses to “The video question.

  1. Greg

    Personally, I enjoy both your text and video blogs and think you should do whatever floats your boat on any given day.

  2. mike baker

    as long as you are not naked, I’d watch. since you have the option to do both video and written, why not do both.

  3. amanda

    And I will only watch if you are naked. Sorry Mike.

  4. David

    And I’ll only watch if you’re shirtless.

  5. How did this turn into a discussion of my nudity or lack thereof? I’m flattered, but confused.

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