Blinn 3.0 Guesses Cont.

Here’s a roundup of comments/guesses so far.

From Scott Bick:

Okay, so my school’s web blocker is being stupid, and won’t let me comment on your 3.0 entry because it has the word “game” in it. Technically, I’m not working right now, so it’s probably right to do it.

Anyway, since I can’t resist a guessing game, I have done some brief and preliminary research.

Is Blinn 3.0 male? And does he have 5 letters in his name?

If those are right I may have a guess. If not, back to the Google-board.

and from BethGsings:

I’m coming up blank

So, to answer Scott’s guesses, yes it’s a boy. I thought that was public, I’m sorry for not adding it to the clues. But I’m not sure if I want to give away any other clues quite yet.



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4 responses to “Blinn 3.0 Guesses Cont.

  1. Scott

    Thanks for not including game this time. Now I can comment.

    Does this mean that the 5 letter guess is wrong?

    Clearing up the and/or conjunction would also help. The name I found is in both DC and mythology (more common in mythology.)

    Amy, however, was uncertain that it was a gender-specific name. I thought it was only male.

  2. amanda

    I’m going to say yes to Scott-it is a five letter name but I will let the other Scott clear up the conjunction confusion. 🙂

  3. Scott

    Okay, since no more guesses/hints/updates have been forthcoming, here is my guess:


    I’m not terribly confident, but it fits all the clues.

  4. Scott

    Update me, tell me I’m wrong, something. Just don’t leave me hanging out here.

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