Financial F.U.D. for all.

So with all the issues that the economy is having, it’s nice to think that for the next few months the Blinn family is doing okay. What’s going to change? Well, the baby is coming and we’re going to have to face the issue that so many other families face:

What the hell do we do now?

Let me clarify. Amanda and I both have decent, okay-paying jobs that we’re somewhat happy with. We only need daycare (for Zoe) 2 days a week, and that’s provided by Amanda’s sister. Once the baby is here, and Amanda’s maternity leave is up, we’ll be in a pickle.

In short: We can’t afford for one of us to leave our job, and it’s next to impossile to find affordable, quality, day-care for both an infant and a three yr old.

So apart from me becoming a world-famous magician and blogger, what do you suggest?

(BTW: If you know someone who’s willing to watch the kids, in the Worcester area, that’d be huge)


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