Coming soon (With your help)

I’m working on the first (pilot) episode of “The Naked Skeptic” and I had a question for y’all. It’s going to be a video, and it’s going to be short. (I’m shooting for 1-2minutes, but no more than 5)

Here’s my question for you:

Would you prefer to come to this WordPress blog to get it, a brand new, dedicated WordPress blog or would you rather skip the whole blog thing and watch it directly on YouTube? Which do you think will get more exposure?

I’m going to use YouTube for the first “episode” and probably embed it here. When it hits, I would love to hear any criticism or suggestions you may have. If I end up with something decent, I may actually continue with it… I’m not sure how good I’ll be without Scott Bick helping me out, but I’ll do what I can. 😉


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