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Okay, the camera is crappy and the mic is worse, but other than that, what do you think?

(one use of NSFW language)


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  1. Proposition 8 doesn’t really matter. It’s more the theology behind it. The World will be the World and that’s all it will ever be. Any brief period of seemingly positive trends will be overshadowed by it’s sinfulness in a short time. So the fact that Prop 8 passed doesn’t make me happy. Like I said, I count it on the level of getting angry when people say Happy Holidays. It doesn’t matter in and of itself. What matters is the theology behind it. The ecumenism and lax attitude toward sin by people who claim to be Christians saddens me. Also the fact that people do not just come out and say that it IS wrong. It kinda reminds me of when Elijah said to the people of Israel something along the lines of, “How long will you remain undecided? If Baal is god, worship him. If the LORD is God, worship Him.”
    How long will the church be so tolerant towards it and fickle towards it? If it is sin, call it so (and it is). If you are going to be a homosexual, at least acknowledge that it is wrong according to the Bible and you can’t be a Christian and a practicing homosexual.
    Prop 8 will blow over in a few years, but the theology behind it is more dangerous than any number of vipers.
    Hence why I really didn’t talk about Proposition 8 in my article and still wont. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the theology.

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