“Freak School” announced!

Skeptics, magicians, fellow freaks and geeks, I’m calling out to you all. TAM7 is coming up, and it looks like the financing I thought I would have isn’t going to work out after all. I am bummed, but optimistic. Bummed because this was going to be my first trip to TAM and it looks like it may not happen. Optimistic, because I’ve come up with a plan to raise some fundage, but I NEED YOUR HELP!

Here’s the plan: “Freak School!” As some of you may know, I’m a magician and skeptic that uses my particular weirdness to spread the word of science and skepticism to the public. It’s fun, educational, bloody and occasionally disturbing. Keeping in spirit with the “educational” theme of my work, I want to offer you and a group of your friends a chance to learn how to do some of the classic carny/psychic tricks that I use in my show.

…Ever wanted to learn some of the classic carny tricks?

Hammering a nail into your face, walking on broken glass, bending silverware etc?

Pick up some bizarre skills and freak out your friends! It’s fun and easy (with the right teacher)

Contact me at: dezrah@gmail.com or phone: 508-335-9536 to set up a private class. (minimum of 5 people please.) It’s cheap, it’s fun, and for a good cause.

Thanks for your time, and let your freak flag fly!


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