Scott Dezrah Blinn (aka: dezrah) is a magician, skeptic, bartender, student, and stay-at-home dad that lives in Worcester, MA

Politics: Socially liberal, secular humanist. Not a libertarian per se, but they have some interesting thoughts. If you held a gun to my head, I’d have to say democrat, but what does that even mean anymore?

Religion: recently outed ex-Christian. Let’s call me a strong agnostic. Open to the idea of a god, but I need some concrete proof. Worked for 10 years in Christian ministry and finally decided that living by faith alone, just doesn’t work. (more posts on that later)

General Outlook: Positive! Scientific rationalist, Empirical knowledge is the best way to search for truth. Critical thinking is crucial to a functioning, pluralistic society. People aren’t inherently good or evil, they’re just people. Question everything!

Past Employment: McDonald’s, Prints Plus, Staples, and Lindt Chocolate (yay!) He’s also been a forklift operator, ISO 9001 auditor, Program/Recreation director for a summer camp and a rock climbing instructor.

Future goals: Full-time Magic/High School Physics Teacher

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3 responses to “About

  1. Wow you worked for Lindt chocolate that is so cool.
    Best chocolate ever.

  2. I googled Thomas Jefferson’s quote “How much pain have cost us the evils that never happened!” and your blog came up. I think that’s cool!

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